How to Unlock the New Blackberry Q5,Q6,Q10,Z10 & Z30


            We are proud to announce that we now unlock blackberry Q5,Q10,Z10 & Z30 regardless of your GSM network and you will be able to use them on GSM Network in Nigeria and all over the world, Simply add your phone's information by clicking the corresponding brand by your right, fill out your Phone information and contact information then make payment through any of our payment gateway, once payment have been confirmed we will start processing your unlock code. Once your unlock code has been found, we will email it to you along with simple unlocking instructions!  Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We are here to help.

  • Once you Unlock your Blackberry phone it will never re-lock.
  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Manufacturer supplied codes - 100% guaranteed.
  • Unlocking will not damage your phone.

***If you are not sure of the network your Blackberry is locked to just select All International (all other country)***


Step 1>> Supply device information

Dail *#06# on your phone to get IMEI.